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3:00 Std.
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Höhe Startplatz

Anfahrt bis zum Startpunkt der Tour:

Bockmattli mountian is south of Zürichsee, or Obersee, and west of Walensee, in the kanton Schwyz. We drove with the car from Freiburg along the west coast of Zürichsee, which took us about 2 1/2 hours. Everyone has a nav-system these days, so punch in the coordinates and listen to her voice :O)
We were there in October, and there wasn't much happening at the lake, so it was easy to find a place to park. We chose to park at restaurant Oberhof, which was great, because we could also land here, too. (see the photographs)


Innerthal, CH-8858

Beschreibung des Aufstiegs:

You can download the GPS track of our Hike & Fly that we recorded, and take a look at it on Google Earth. This will help you get an idea of which way to go.
Basically, there are four pitches to the hike once you leave the road.
From the parking spot we walke north for about 10 minutes, before turning right and hiking almost in a straight line up the hill on a fairly slippy, muddy, steep path - it had rained the previous night.
The second pitch is from the last house that you can reach by car to the Bockmattlihütte, this was no longer slippy and muddy, but steep, and for us, this is where the snow line began.
From the cabin it became steeper and the higher we got the more snow there was. The gorge between Bockmattli and Schirberg is shady. The path was zig-zaggy and a little steeper than the earlier parts of the hike. It was warmer at the top on the final pitch, where the sun was shining. The final pitch offered a great view into the valley of Näfels, and then towards Zürichsee. The starting area is quite large and faces south west.We went to the summit, which is just a few meters past the starting area and offers some amazing views.

Beschreibung des Startplatzes:

We took off to the south west, but as soon as we were in the air, we turned right and flew west immediately. After just a few seconds in the air you fly over the Bockmattli cliff that is well known amongst the climbers. I found the start easy, but the weather was good and we had just a light breeze from west, south west.

Besonderheiten bei Start, Flug und Landung:

The start was easy.
The flight was breathtaking (this was only my second Hike & Fly in Switzerland) and I didn't know where to look first. Check out the film. The flight was only about 10 minutes long.
The landing was actually easier than we thought it would be. When we first saw the landing area at the restaurant, we thought that it might be tricky. So, when I was in the air and saw that there was a flag waving at the lakeside of the restaurant, showing a north breeze, I knew that the landing would pose no problem. I am not sure what a south wind landing would have been like...?

Video der Tour:



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