Hike from Telfs to Buchen (Hohe Munde)

500 m
1:30 Std.
Hike from Telfs to Buchen (Hohe Munde) 
1200 m
Höhe Startplatz

Anfahrt bis zum Startpunkt der Tour:

We started the hike at the west end of Telfs since we had left our gliders there the day before, which resulted in a long walk through the village. Ideally, you would want to start the Hike near the tennis courts at the east end of Telfs (direkt the GPS to the road Birkenberg in Telfs).


Telfs, AT-6410

Beschreibung des Aufstiegs:

From the tennis courts you follow the Birkenberg road until you pass the church (which is well hidden behind a massive barn/farm house). A forestry road branches off to the left and you follow it until you see signs for Buchen. Eventually the signs will lead you on a small trail that runs all the way to Buchen and is easy to follow. The trail was snow-free and the incline is very moderate except for the last 20-30min of the hike. At Buchen the trail splits and you need to take the wooden bridge to the right which will lead you directly to the farm house that you see in one of the pictures. If you continue to the right, you have the option to climb to a higher, offical take-off (Hohe Munde) but that is another story).

Beschreibung des Startplatzes:

The take-off is private property and you will pass the farm building on entering the field. The farmer was very friendly and allowed us to use his field.

Besonderheiten bei Start, Flug und Landung:

BEFORE YOU FLY: Make yourself familiar with the Innsbruck CTR! In any case, do not cross the Inn-Valley, stay on the north side of the Motorway.

The take-off is very easy due to the large field but the tricky bit is to clear the trees at the end of the field. I only had a few meters to spare when I passed over the trees as you can see in the pictures. The field is big enough to land again if you feel that you can't overfly the trees but it needs good judgment and quick decision making. Due to this, I would not recommend this take-off to a beginner. Since we didn't have good thermic conditions that day, we flew straight out of the little valley as there are no good landing options until you get to Telfs. If it is thermic, you can gain height after take-off and jump onto the Hohe Munde and go XC in the Inntal. The official landing is by the tree lined road in Telfs, you can't really miss it. We didn't make it to the official landing and bombed out next to the church that we passed on our way up.



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