Pico dos Marins

1300 m
SO, S, SW, W
3:40 Std.
Pico dos Marins 
2400 m
Höhe Startplatz

Anfahrt bis zum Startpunkt der Tour:

The Pico dos Marins is rock pek located between the cities Piquete-SP and Marmelópolis-MG, it is one of the hiest peaks of the Serra da Mantiqueira.
The trail access is at the Base Camp, where stay the car and the infrastructure.
From São Paulo the trip takes between 3h and 4h by car and is very pleasant when we started up the mountain.

Base Camp way point: -22.50867, -45.14929


Piquete, BR-SP

Beschreibung des Aufstiegs:

Roughly, the ascent trail goes through three stages: Morro dos Carecas, Plateau and the summit of Marins.
The guidance requires close attention on the stone passages, the marks are subtle and totems of stacked stones to show the way are a bit confused.
If you have experience in hiking and trekking, take some tips in base camp and go for it. But, if you are inexperienced, hire a guide.

Beschreibung des Startplatzes:


Besonderheiten bei Start, Flug und Landung:

The summit Pico dos Marins is relatively flat and wide, you can choose the best take-off point accordingly with the wind direction. There are some plnts but its easy to find a clean pure rock place to prepare the glider. Relax and contemplate that you will take off over 2400m! It is the highest mountain entirely within the state of São Paulo.
South landing

The South is full of landings places even near the base of the Marins. We choose to land in the neighborhood of Marins,really close of the Marins and easy to the pick up . From the top you can see the dirt road that goes down to Piquete, just choose a pasture.

Video der Tour:



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