Monte Faiè

1147 m
S, SW, W
2:00 Std.
Monte Faiè 
1352 m
Höhe Startplatz

Anfahrt bis zum Startpunkt der Tour:

A26 Gravellona Toce, follow signs to Mergozzo and then climb to Bracchio


Mergozzo, IT-28802

Beschreibung des Aufstiegs:

Bracchio From the car park, follow the signs of the poles, and enter the town, you reach the church you pass on the left to continue on a cobblestone street; reached a crossroads, he still holds his left, signposted Vercio, taking the left path you begin the ascent of an easy trail flanked by a low dry-stone wall thereby entering the beautiful forest of beech trees; with uphill on regular slope you pass a stream on a wooden bridge after which, made a few bends, one arrives at a chapel (587 m) which offers a beautiful view on the lakes. Passing a small fountain will then reach some stone huts (652 m), above, are overcome some ruins (720 m); the slope now slightly flattens and, yet passed a stream, it first passes in front of a house, which is left to right, and subsequently reaches another smaller close to it. Continuing along the trail you will come to a crossroads and go straight you pass a small wooden fence that gives access to the Hermitage area Vercio. It arrives to the first Vercio huts (836 m) from which you reach the church; We get up on the grassy slope to the left towards a water collection tank beyond which, following the signs, turn right to resume the path that enters again in the forest of beech and birch. It is then up arrives, the alp Fontana (950 m); continue the climb that gets more beautiful with panoramic views of the lakes approaching a big rocky promontory. Arrived at its base it around the left with a lovely scenic route along the hillside almost flat; reached the opposite side you are at the top of a gully at the height of which is the Colma Vercio. So he climbed the canyon on the right you reach the Colma Vercio (1265 m) You walk along for a few minutes on this side and then set foot on easy ridge that leads us to the top of the Faiè (1352 m).
You descend to a few meters, it stretches the sail and, following the ridge you go to the landing of Silos.

Beschreibung des Startplatzes:

The takeoff of the stones and then presents grass in the lower part (10 meters below the summit): This is the ideal point for starting with exposure to S-SW

Besonderheiten bei Start, Flug und Landung:

It places the paraglider about 10 meters below the summit. It takes off in the direction S - SW (depending on the wind) and follow the ridges of the underlying mountains to the camp: it crosses the camp and then goes over the landing. The landing is safe and spacious.



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