Cobiçado Petropolis

1634 m
N, W, NW
2:00 Std.
Cobiçado Petropolis 
1650 m
Höhe Startplatz

Anfahrt bis zum Startpunkt der Tour:

The Cobiçado mountain is located at neighborhood Caxambú, city of Petrópolis, its peak of 1650ms, a track takes 2 hs with good physical health. The acess is from Santa Izabel. The potencial of the flight there is to take off and fly near Serra do Orgãos! One of the times, some of the pilots landed near Dedo de Deus!


Petropolis, BR-RJ

Beschreibung des Aufstiegs:

The track starts from a platantion of the region, the way evolves gradatively as it gets near the peak.
Its well marked, with good indications, the way is very beautiful and there is an astonishing view for the itaipava region and Corrêas, which makes limit with Nacional Park of Serra dos Orgãos.

Beschreibung des Startplatzes:

The top has great space, and its easy to open and get ready, only the vegetation that a vegetação can bother a little, normaly we make the launch from the top, but gotta have a bit of hability to jump some rocks..
Its not a flight for beginers, because of the restricted areas of landing and the strong thermal activity in the region, we flew North and NW, with good possibility of XC.

Besonderheiten bei Start, Flug und Landung:

The best bet of this H&F was NW the clouds were 800ms up the mountain and we could see well how the flight would be on that side, we crossed to the region of the Parque Nacional landing in the city of Guapimirim, at the Feet of God. Famous mountain!

Video der Tour:



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